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New Axure articles – Sept. 27th 2012

  • Load Axure Sitemap Navigation In Collapsed Display By Default | Matt Howell
    "A common request in the Axure forum community is to find a way to load the sitemap within a generated prototype in a collapsed state, instead of expanded, by default. Ideally, Axure would include this as a native setting in the future, but for now there is a fairly simple workaround that accomplishes the same task."
  • iOS Prototyping with Axure and PhoneGap | It’SUX
    "I recently started using Axure RP. It’s a great program that allows you to easily create dynamic prototypes that can be used to quickly test and develop ideas. […] So we thought we’d have a crack at building a native app wrapper for the prototype so that we could load it onto the phone, thus removing the page load issues."
  • Why HTML Prototyping Instead of a Tool Like Axure?| EightShapes Blocks
    "During my UIE virtual seminar Start Full Screen presented yesterday, a participant asked “Why are you prototyping directly in HTML as opposed to a software tool like Axure?” A followup email to a colleague of mine amplified that point, remarking that the process seems “less agile” and “less capable of simulating on-page interactions” unless the designer was very efficient at coding"