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Axure for Mobile: A Quick Update on the Update

I promised to keep you posted on the update – so here we go:

I went through the whole book and marked the things needing an update. Afterwards I realized that quite a few things will change.

With Axure 7 it became easier to to prototype mobile interactions. For example the dialogs, popovers, sliding menus and static header chapters will all be rewritten. New topics like working with forms, scrolling and the new events will enhance the Interactions and Animations chapters. And of course the Adaptive View feature calls for a complete new chapter.
I will also add “small” how-tos like adding Web fonts and locking your screen orientation.
Last but not least I am thinking about adding some new stuff, like how to create a native app out of your prototype.

Currently I am redoing all the Interactions example in Axure 7, capturing the steps and seeing how to improve them with the new features.
But also the boring, tedious things are on my list – like re-doing all the 200+ screenshots to reflect the new flat UI of Axure.

In addition, I am spending time thinking about what other formats and additions would make my book more useful to you guys. I am thinking about a video version and a reduced “essential” one, plus other formats like iBook and print.
Any feedback is as always very welcome.

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One thought on “Axure for Mobile: A Quick Update on the Update

  1. Steve / Reply 9. October 2013 at 01:48

    Sounds good. Your first book was very useful.


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