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Lennart’s box of Axure Tricks (without the box though)

Hey! As an additional teaser to my book, Axure for Mobile, I thought I’d publish parts of its Tips and Tricks chapter. Enjoy…

Know your keyboard shortcuts

Knowing some of Axure’s keyboard shortcuts, allows you to work faster, however some are very well hidden and poorly documented:

  • Hold the SHIFT-key for proportional scaling when resizing an image.
  • Hold the ALT-Key and drag a widget to create a copy of it.
  • Hold the CMD-Key on Mac to rotate widgets via the mouse (click on one of the element’s corners).
  • Using the Cursor keys when holding down SHIFT will move an element according to your Grid Settings.
  • You can TAB through the elements on a page.

How to click through elements

When you have a lot of elements stacked on top of each other you can click through them. Just click on the top one, wait a short amount of time and click again. Repeat. If you named your elements you will be able to differentiate them by their name shown in the Widget Properties.

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6 thoughts on “Lennart’s box of Axure Tricks (without the box though)

  1. Georges Raad / Reply 8. April 2013 at 07:58

    Awesome Post Lennart…

    These 2 tricks are new to me!
    – Use CTRL-L or CTRL-3 to select the first field of the position and size fields on a PC and CMD-3 on a Mac.
    – Using JavaScript in your actions.

    Also, please add the sharing buttons – at least Twitter…

    • Lennart / Reply 8. April 2013 at 12:57

      thanks. I will probably add some more tricks.
      I have four more in the book which are a bit more advanced.

      And yes, good suggestion to add the buttons. I cannot even tell you why I did not add them before…

  2. Lojza / Reply 13. April 2013 at 08:46

    Thanks for the tip with bringing panels to front / sending to back. Very useful thing. I often use the two actions together, so this will make the prototype significantly cleaner, more readable.

  3. gejoreni / Reply 14. April 2013 at 04:00

    Hey man, so I am trying to work with some of the javascript edits. I have successfully been able to move, change text one, get scrollbar location,set variables etc. on widgets using custom javascript. the only problem I have is that the known title of a widget is a custom attribute and not an ID. which makes it difficult – with my limited knowledge to edit that object. have you figured out a way get the ID from a custom attribute? email me.


    • gejoreni / Reply 14. April 2013 at 06:03

      I figured it out:

      var textlabel = document.querySelector(‘[data-label=”nameofyourlabel”] > div ~ div’).id
      SetWidgetRichText(textlabel, ‘booyah’);

      • Lennart / Reply 14. April 2013 at 06:08

        Nice one!
        I struggle with JavaScript every single time to try to use it. Must be the age 😉

        I was playing with some JS and Axure the other day. If I continue to get stuck I might drop you a line.

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