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How to use a client-side database in your Axure prototypes

Update: Axure 7.0 introduces “Reapeters” which offer simple database functionality. Check it out…

This is one of the topics that didn’t make into the book. But I thought you might like to know how the general concept works. First, let me tell you how to do it, and then, I’ll discuss the pros and cons.

To make this work I’ll be using a client-side Javascript database, one simple javascript function and some very basic if-then-else statements. Nothing too fancy. The content will be displayed via Inline Frames. Ready? Let’s go…

Let’s start with creating a (mobile) list showing four user names and four phone number:

The name and the numbers will be coming from a database. To include external web content in Axure you have use Inline Frames. This is why you have to add an Inline Frame to each row:

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3 thoughts on “How to use a client-side database in your Axure prototypes

  1. Bart Jutte / Reply 5. January 2013 at 14:33

    This is a great addition to the capabilities of Axure. However, I only got it working when I put the contents of the _addon folder in the root folder of the Axure output. That is where the links in the inline frames refer to. This was a bit confusing from your description above 🙂



  2. kajal / Reply 30. April 2013 at 08:28

    I have been looking around internet for such an article…
    after playing around with the code, i was able to achieve the desired output… thanks a lot for this great article

  3. Rafał Grabie / Reply 25. July 2013 at 09:55

    Hey …

    I’ve just released a project that enables extensive javascripting with less tricks like that. Simply use AXHOOX.

    Project page:

    Regards –

    Rafał Grabie (rootnot)

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