Axure for Mobile

Building Mobile Prototypes with Axure RP 7

This book teaches you how to prototype mobile apps and websites with Axure. It covers the basics of mobile design, walks you though all steps of building mobile prototypes and shows you how to apply common mobile UI patterns.
This second edition has been completely revised and updated to include the new feature of Axure RP 7.








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What You Will Learn

Make Axure Mobile-Ready

How to determine your screen resolution and how to set up Axure for mobile prototyping.

View Prototpyes On Your Mobile

How to get your app and website prototypes on your mobile and how to best present them.

Prototype Mobile UI Patterns

How to build tab bars, dialogs, lists, forms, menus and other mobile UI patterns.

Make It Interactive

How to detect and work with taps, swiping gestures, scrolling and device rotation.

Create Responsive Prototypes

How to use Axure’s adaptive layout approach to build responsive prototypes.

Use Animations and Transitions

How to prototype animations and transitions used in mobile apps and websites.

Include Audio and Video

How to embed audio and video files and how to enhance the HTML of your prototpyes.

Create Documentation

How to document your prototype with a few extra clicks.

Praise For The First Edition

Svetlin Denkov

Svetlin Denkov

“Axure for Mobile is an encyclopedia full of tips and tricks for prototyping in the mobile space.”

Bernhard Ferro

Bernhard Ferro

“[The book] immediately starts guiding the reader through a series of core mobile interaction patterns and how to build them in detail. Definitely a good start for all who want to create mobile experiences fast.”

Dan LeBoeuf

Dan LeBoeuf

“I highly recommend his book. The # of useful links / resources is extraordinary.”

Ian Fenn    

Ian Fenn    

“This thoroughly-researched book was a godsend on a recent mobile design project.
I’m convinced that the practical advice contained within its pages saved me several days of trial-and-error experimenting.”

About The Author

Lennart Hennigs is a Senior Interaction Designer at Deutsche Telekom AG, where he designs mobile, web and fixed-line products. He has worked for over ten years in the field – beginning with classic Usability Engineering shifting his focus to Interaction Design. Over the last couple of years he has been using Axure extensively.

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